Utah Surprised Proposal: Francis Jr. + Grace

How did you two meet?

“I’ve known Grace’s brother and sister for years before I even met her. It wasn’t until Coachella one year where we met through mutual friends” - Francis

“We met through my sister and mutual friends.. at COACHELLA!! It’s funny because he was friends with both of my sister AND my brother because they all went to the same college. Guess he saved the best for last!! (just kidding)” -Grace

What was your first impression of each other?

“I thought he was a really cool guy who likes to have fun and had a great taste in music.”-Grace

“When I first met Grace, she had chosen to attend seeing Drake over Kygo, so I thought she had horrible taste in music! Regardless, I thought she was really pretty and cool, but I knew she was way out of my league. - Francis

First date….

We were friends for about a year and a half before went on a “date.” By then we were already good friends and comfortable with each other. On our first date, we went to grab boba. - Francis

I was kinda nervous! Our first date was more like friends hanging out but of course I wanted to make a good impression! We got boba… my favorite! -Grace

Two years later…

Backstory, for you who don’t know. Francis is my fiance’s brother. So you can imagine how this proposal was full of emotions with the family. I was so excited to have a brother and sister in law!

During Christmas weekend of 2018, I flew into the Oakland airport where Francis had picked me up. During our car ride, he told he was thinking of proposing to Grace. (Not sure if you knew this… but, I low-key cried in the backseat of your car, lol) I was beyond happy for you and Grace because she is such an amazing person. I cannot imagine you with anyone else.

During our time in California, we went around ring shopping (Sorry, Grace. This is the part where he turned off his location, so you wouldn’t be able to find out). Her dream engagement ring was a round halo according to her Pinterest board. lol. We found the perfect place in
Santana Row where Francis was able to customize it to the perfect ring for her.

He planned to propose in Utah. Francis, Grace, her sister (Marianne), and brother in law (Justin) all planned to come out and visit in March. Francis flew in a week before the proposal. If you live in Utah, you know the bipolar weather. According to the weather app it was going to snow during the weekend Grace was flying in expect on Saturday (which was perfect). We planned the proposal to be outside in the snow because Utah is known for the snow. We planned it to be at Big Cottonwood Canyon in between the pine trees. We were going to plan to take a “photo shoot” and she will have no idea.

The day of the proposal. We were planning on going “sledding”. “Sledding” became our key word for the proposal spot and before we went “sledding” I wanted to take pictures of them. We arrived at Big Cottonwood Canyon and walked them to my “photo spot”. Before taking pictures, I told Francis to take his phone out of his pocket giving him a sign to go grab the ring out of his backpack. He came back and I helped them pose for a bit, I told him to face Grace, giving him the signal of I’m ready for you when you’re ready to propose. He told Grace to keep looking at him while Emma snaps pictures of us. At first she was confused what was happening… and he went one knee to ask her to be his wife!

“As I was planning the proposal, I worked with her sister, my brother and his fiancee (Emma!) for months leading up to the proposal. Being the people closest to the both of us. I leaned on their advice in choosing the perfect ring and the execution of the proposal. Being a perfectionist, every single detail needed to be flawlessly organized. On the day of the proposal, everything had gone according to plan.. until it was time for me to begin my short speech in asking Grace to marry me. I started talking and then my mind went BLANK. My mind blacked out. I eventually came to, to find that I was now engaged to the love of my life! - Francis


“I don’t remember anything. I blacked out. Just kidding!! I was in complete and utter shock because I was getting ready upset because I thought he was joking. He kept going through with it though and that’s when I knew it was real… and when the water works started. I was definitely ugly crying! But it is absolutely the best moment of my life thus far. I would say ‘yes’ 1000000x over!” -Grace

Although the original plan was to have the proposal at the Salt Flats, she has been talking about going back because it’s one of the most unique place she’s ever been to. However, that plan never went through because the Salt Flats were flooded and muddy. So, the day after the proposal we all planned a trip out there for some engagement photos! You would have no idea how cold and wet it was but it was worth it.