I’m a wedding photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

I’m a huge dreamer, traveler, adventurer, and such a sweet tooth eater.

A fiance to my high school sweetheart, Elijah and fur mommy to our pug, Mannee .

I’m small (5’0” to be exact), my personality is soft spoken but full of life and happiness. I’ll drop some puns and dad jokes here and there.


 I love capturing all those unplanned, raw, honest, 1,2,3 cheeeesssse and the imperfect moments that are more meaningful than any perfectly prom posed shot could ever be. I want to capture the experience between you and your love ones on one of your most happiest day, like ever.

Documenting those special images that you are able to look back on again and again.

I’m gonna get to know you as a friend and give you a positive experience. I’ll be honest, if you are just looking for any person with a camera, or you need a photographer to check off your vendor list, I’m not your girl.

 I have a passion about people who invite me into their lives to document their love story

. I'm a photographer that specialize in the candid and realist weddings moments and adventurous destinations, no matter where your adventure takes place, if you value the experience over perfectly posed photographs, we'll be perfect for each other. My style is warm, with a hint of moody; photos that are raw, candid, and tell a story.

That's why I'm in this, to tell YOUR story.

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If you want to be bestie, lets do this together!


My own love story:

This is my fiance, Elijah. I met him when I was 14 years old through some friends. We were all planning on watching a movie in theater and he approached me asking if I was “Filipino”, I said “no, I’m Laotian”, he has no idea what that is. I told him my people were the brown people from a TV show called King of the Hill. Yeah, he didn’t watch that show. So that was awkward. I just said my country is next to Thailand and we’re pretty much the same people. We laughed and it was such an awkward moment. (Till this day, I still have explain to people who/what I am.)

Elijah and I kept in contact after we first met, and added each other on this thing called “Myspace” and instant message (aim) each other here and there. Summer was coming to end and I was going into high school. Our friends threw a BBQ at the park and we reconnected again. He said we were going to the same high school and he can show me around if I needed help. (slick move)

We instantly became best friend and a year into getting to know each other we became a couple, then he asked me to marry him on our 10 year anniversary trip in Hawaii.

Together we have a 8 year old pug. We love being active in the outdoors and exploring new adventures. We love traveling and eating lots of good fooood.